Sunday 29th september 2019


My experience

After using it almost every day for about 2 months, I feel like I can at least understand what a conversation is about when listening. Even creating simple sentences just to get my message across is a possibility.

What I like

This is my favorite app right now. It is easy to use and beautiful to watch. I can choose when and if I want notifications to study.

What I dont like

It is kind of expensive if you want the unlimited version. And that is kind of required if you want to learn a lot in a short time.
Why you ask?
Well, you have 5 lives for free. And these lives dissapear one after one when the user makes a mistake. In my opinion, thats a bit too few to have a great experience.


I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who's having trouble to keep up their learning. It is a fun way to gameify your learning experience.