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Week 6

Step 1: Big Black Marker

Find the big black marker in Brutus room. It's located on the desk.

big black marker

When that is done, you can see step 2 on Deadpools computer.

week 6 mission challenges
Step 2: Deface Posters

Now it's time to the in-game challenge. You have probably seen posters for recruiting to either GHOST or SHADOW. You will now "Deface" these posters. DO NOT DESTROY THEM. You just walk up to a poster, and then you will see an option to "Deface" the poster.

deface action after defacing
The Reward

Once you have completed the challenge, by defacing 3 posters around the map, you will unlock the new "MERC" wrap.

defacing challange complete 3 deface reward deadpool skin MERC wrap