Lördag 7:e Sep 2019

How is this a thing?

Notification request (Orange)

Browser notification request from the website. I'm okay with having notifications for websites that I actively ask for notifications. And this little box is not that hard to look past. To ask a user to accept notifications with the only basis that they visit your website once is very intruding.

Email subscription (Red)

If a user has been on your website for 30 seconds. They probably don't want to sign up for an email newsletter.
It's like asking to move in together after the first date.

Adblocker modal (Purple)

Now, I understand that you don't want people to use the adblocker on your website. But instead of pushing a huge modal on top of the content and rendering the content useless... Have a big fixed bar at the bottom or something that doesn't disturb the content as much. Remember, CONTENT IS KING. And I mean, 38 ads. 38! And thats just the ones that actually got blocked.

An auto-playing video ad (Yellow)

And at last, the stubborn peaces of ads that got past the adblocker is a video ad. I don't have any bad blood with video ads between content.
BUT, if the video player is fixed on the screen, AND auto-playing... now we're talking a whole other deal. At that point, do you even care about the user anymore? Do you want them to come back?